Pokemon Emerald Trashman (U) ROM

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Pokemon Emerald Trashman is a game created by Trashman Games and released for the Game Boy Advance platform in 2003. It is a spin-off of the original Pokemon franchise, focusing on the character of Trashman, a mysterious creature with a trash can for a head. The game follows Trashman as he attempts to stop an evil organization that is trying to take over the world by using the powers of the Pokemon.

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Pokemon Emerald Trashman GBA is an RPG with turn-based combat. Players take control of Trashman as he explores the world, fighting enemies, capturing Pokemon, and collecting items. Players can also trade Pokemon with others and participate in mini-games. The game features unique battle mechanics and a day/night cycle.


The story of Pokemon Emerald Trashman GBA follows Trashman as he attempts to stop an evil organization from taking over the world. Along the way, he meets many strange characters and battles, powerful enemies. He also discovers the origins of his mysterious powers and the truth about the organization.


Trashman is the main character of the game. He is a mysterious creature with a trash can for a head, who has the ability to control the power of the Pokemon and use it to fight evil. He is joined by a variety of other characters, including his allies and enemies, who help or hinder him in his quest.



• Play as a Trash Man as you explore the world of Pokemon

• Battle wild Pokemon and trash monsters on your journey

• Collect garbage and use it to upgrade your Trash Man

• Find hidden secrets and items to help you on your journey

• Catch, train, and trade Pokemon with other players

• Experience classic Pokemon battles with a twist

• Visit various towns and cities in the world of Pokemon Trash Man

• Challenge Gym Leaders and seek to become the Pokemon Trash Master

• Enjoy a variety of minigames, puzzles, and side quests

• Unlock special items and rewards by completing various tasks

• Compete in the Trash Man Challenge and become the ultimate champion


The graphics in Pokemon Emerald Trashman GBA are colorful and detailed. The character sprites are well-animated and the environments are varied. The game also features a unique visual style that makes it stand out from other Pokemon games.


The music in Pokemon Emerald Trashman GBA is upbeat and catchy. It features a mix of synthesized and orchestrated instruments, creating a unique and memorable soundtrack.


Pokemon Emerald Trashman GBA is a great game for fans of the Pokemon franchise. It features a unique story and characters, a variety of features, and great graphics and music. It is also a free download and can be enjoyed with an emulator.

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